Are Vacuum Cleaners Bad for Your Health?

It is unhygienic to stay in a damp and dirty house. To get rid of this situation, you have some modern appliances. You can use them to keep the place clean and dirt-free. Here you must have heard about vacuum cleaners. It is a beautiful device that can be used for cleaning and maintaining the house dirt-free. However, you may have a question about whether vacuum cleaners are harmful for your health? It is an essential question you need to know. But it is a long debate about this issue.

Is it safe to use a vacuum cleaner in your home?


Vacuum cleaner sucks all the dirt and dust from the house making it hygienic and safe to reside. Research has revealed that by sucking up all the dust from the house, the cleaner makes the house clean. But the germs and dirt sucked by the cleaner can be emitted back to the house. You will notice the moment you will stop the machine. If you observe it minutely you will see that the space from which the dirt was taken is slowly being emitted but they are hardly visible.

What is the solution to this problem?

It is a significant concern for wet and dry vacuum cleaner users. This is why it is suggested to buy the one that has a good air filter. It will downsize the level of bacteria that is released back to the air. It is okay if you buy a vacuum cleaner that comes with HEPA technology. It will emit a low level of dust from the machine. The safest solution to this issue is to buy a central vacuum system.

A central vacuum system is connected with a long hose pipe. This will blow or emit any dirt or dust from your house via the vent. It will never return to your home in any way. Soon you can collect them through a filter into the vacuum container. It is also good if you invest a good amount of money while buying a vacuum cleaner.

A vacuum cleaner should have HEPA, ULPA filter. These are some of the best filters that work effectively to eliminate dirt and dust from the house. Ultra-Low Penetration Air Filter is considered to be one of the best ones for this device. It has a continuous fiber that creates a thick mat. This mat is responsible for collecting all the contaminated particles from the device. You can also get a vacuum cleaner within your budget with a HEPA filter. It is also effective in managing a good amount of dust from the air. You can catch this filter in most vacuum cleaners.

So it can be concluded with the knowledge that vacuum cleaners are bad for your health without proper filters. It would help if you always tried to buy the cleaner that comes with quality air filters. If you have allergic issues, it is required to give better stress to the air filter of the vacuum cleaner. Please buy some good-quality cleaners for your office and home.

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