Tuesday, September 10, 2019

#JNUSU2019 : Left won the thrones, BAPSA won the game!

Newly Elected JNUSU cabinet.

results show one clear trend. BAPSA supporters voted en masse for Left in uncontested seats. VP Saket Moon got 3000 odd votes while the new elected President Aishe Ghosh got some 2000 votes. A thousand votes odd went to Jitendra Suna.

These numbers raise a question of commitment. The commitment of Left towards the movement.

Left raises slogans of Jai Bhim, Laal Salam. But when it came about walking the talk, they backed off.

Let me tell you why, BAPSA made a very calculated move considering that JNUSU elections are always in the limelight and often give direction to national political discourse. They fielded candidates only for President and GS post while giving the VP and Jt. Secy post to Left as a walkover. (They showed their commitment through votes).

But since JNUSU elections are more of a fight with status quo and hegemony.. and less on campus issues... (Which is evident from its long history), and since we are living in times when we are talking about handing over the LEADERSHIP of the society to the less privileged and marginalized.. Left could have given up the President seat.. a walkover for BAPSA.. maybe could have campaigned for BAPSA too..

I guess the left thought of the larger picture.. ki aage kya hoga.. but ek baar try kar lete.. aage ka dekha jata.. ek saal leadership de ke dekhte.. with the rest of 3 seats with you.. next year you could have dethroned BAPSA again easily.
But my friend.. What if it worked.. and WORKED so well that Sahib ki tashreef phat jaane lagti. ABVP and Fascism se ladna chahte ho.. lekin apni aapas ki ladai me fry ho gaye sab.

I mean, if 4 left organisations can team up in a seat sharing arrangement.. and are actually fighting against the candidates fielded by BAPSA.. I find no merit in the politics of JNU anymore.