Thursday, August 8, 2019

Indian Railways & Foreign Kids : A journey to Jaisalmer

I entered my compartment (Second Sleeping) to find a group of foreigners yelling at a man and shouting "do you speak english, do you speak english". 

I offered help only to realise that the guy being yelled at is having an RAC (half seater). It was a Babubalian task to explain them what a RAC means. But they understood and also understood (after I explained them) that we are an overpopulated country and people occupying your seat is a norm. 

In the next few hours I got to know that they were all French and 17-18 year old High School passouts. 

This is what intrigued me. 

So all of these kids' parents work together and their company/industry offers subsidized vacations for their soon to be adult kids.

What a beautiful thing. A group of 20 kids, mostly girls, roaming around India for 15 days, all by themselves and being paid by their parents and their employers. Thats how u produce adults right. 

And in India what is the first thing that our parents say after passing out of school...??? 

BETA JOINT !!! (Entrance re baba :D )