Saturday, July 6, 2019

JNU Admin removing the posters on the walls.

I still remember, the first time I entered JNU it was a wall that greeted me.. I was awe-inspired at the radicalism and idealism with which the wall spoke to me. 

yes, the walls speak in JNU.. 

the walls have taught me as much as the professors have inside and outside the class.. 

I always wanted to archive them, I clicked some, but lost most. 

Some walls used to engage in dialogues too which needed a feature. For example, in SSS 3, one wall had a poster of Savarkar (of course put up by ABVP) in which he talks about his motherland and sacrificing his life for her cause. 

The opposite wall was captured by Bhagat Singh (with the help of SFI) who says that any revolutionary should aim only for complete revolution. 

In a way, it was a dialogue between the mercy petitioner and the one who went to the gallows. 

There are countless other examples of great graffiti in and around JNU. 

Its sad that the walls will never again speak to the fresh minds of JNU and those new minds will end up being robots of this world capitalist system who seldom think beyond their basic needs (read as money). 

JNU is dying. Its not multiple organ failure, its multiple organ theft/destruction. 


【EDIT: As an initiative to do something about it, a few like minded have collaborated to start an Instagram channel for curating the wall posters of JNU from past and present. It can be found @publisherofpoor 】