Saturday, March 31, 2012

An Experiment with some Symbols

Recently, I participated in an event where you are supposed to draw a wallpaper on a given topic on spot. You can give a small description or presentation on your poster too.  

This was my submission…

Aim : Draw a wallpaper on the topic Corruption.
Given :  A Celeron desktop with basic graphics, MS-Paint (Windows XP version), No Text support.
Time : 60 minutes.
Description :

Look at the poster with ‘corruption’ in your mind and think what I want to say. Think for at least 2 minutes and then read the following. This is a test to the thought process which you have almost lost.

As symbols are most effective to induce thoughts, here I used different symbols and put them in the RGB (three basic colors) color mixing model to reveal my idea.

What are the basic components of a country?

Money, Government & Population. If you have this three you are a country.
As I was asked to make a poster on corruption (a word which advocates negativity), I chose two world famous symbols to represent the government and the money. We all are familiar with the ‘Swastika’ symbol of the Nazi Germany, which is the most notorious government till date. Similarly, the US economy is alleged to be the most notorious economy, so I used the US dollar sign to denote money as a basic component of a nation. Thirdly, the common man or as I like to call it the ‘mango man’ is neither good nor bad, he just flows with the time.

When does corruption arise?

Obviously, when the balance between the three basic components are not maintained. You can see, when there is a strong government with a popular support, a country hosts parasites whom we call terrorists(represented by the Gun). For example, the various insurgent groups in the North-Eastern region of India who believe in the philosophy that “Violence is the solution of every problem” which is a form of corruption as most of the cadres are generally unemployed youths.

Secondly, if a country has enough resources for public exploitation but a government which has no public support, there is a birth of communism. Communism in Soviet Union came when the Bolshevik party under Vladimir Lenin over threw the Russian empire, which again is an extreme form of corruption.

The reason I put monarchy at the top because it exists everywhere even today and is a deadly tool for killing the voice of the masses. Monarchy is NOT a form of government which continues in a bloodline, but it is that form of a system where the next ruler is selected by a person or group which has no direct link to the general population, the king may choose his best friend too! And, it is being practiced by capitalist MNCs & political parties even now. It is an extreme form of corruption as the person who knows he will rule next is vulnerable to get corrupted.

How to get rid of evils like corruption?

India is a conceptual nation. During 1946-1950, when Dr. B. R. Ambedkar and his team were drafting the constitution, they had only one thing in mind; that India should be a nation to idolize. The wheel that we have in our national flag is called the ‘wheel of dharma’. And dharma is restored when the basic components of a nation are in balance.

Which is actually the dream nation Gandhiji fought for?
Today leading national newspapers are headlined with 2G scam & CWG stories only. Is it dharma??

That’s why I took out our wheel of progess from the national flag and put it in between all the chaos resulting because of corruption. And, that’s why I made the mighty mango man below all, because everything depends on us.
We hold together the whole system on our shoulders.
If every man fights corruption in all forms, the wheel will again be restored in its place as the glory of our nation in our Tiranga.

PS : The wallpaper got me the 1st prize...a creative 2.1 woofer :)